Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representative is:

Brenda Doherty
Customer Service Representative
Donegal Education and Training Board
Administrative Offices
Ard O’Donnell
Co. Donegal

07491 61600

It is the mission of Donegal Education and Training Board in conjunction with other education and training agencies and community development bodies to create and promote the development of a learning society in Donegal, so that all who live in Donegal have access to the education and training required by their personal, social, cultural, economic and civic needs.  In pursuit of its mission statement and high-level objectives, Donegal Education and Training Board is committed to improving the level of customer service and accepts that all public services should be designed and delivered on the needs of the individual citizen, business or community.

Quality Service Standards

Donegal ETB is committed to improving the level of customer service and we aim to provide a quality service in an efficient, effective and timely manner to all our customers.  We will maximise the use of technology to improve service delivery.  We will strive to provide you, the customer, with information on our service standards at the point of service.  We will publish details of our services on our web site and through other media.


Donegal ETB will strive to ensure the rights to equal treatment established by equality legislation, and accommodate diversity, so as to contribute to equality for the groups covered by the equality legislation.  We will identify and work to eliminate barriers to access to services for people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, and for those facing geographic barriers to services.

Physical Access

Donegal ETB will ensure that our reception is clean, accessible and maintained to a high standard of comfort and safety.  We aim to provide you with the maximum level of privacy possible.  We will meet you at the appointed time and be friendly, helpful and courteous in our dealings with you.  We aim to ensure equality of access to our services.  We have wheelchair access to our Head Office.  If you have particular requirements regarding access to our offices, please telephone in advance of your visit and a member of staff will meet you and assist you in every way possible.  We will ensure that our web site complies with disability access requirements.


Donegal ETB produces a wide range of information leaflets, policy statements and circulars on various aspects of our services.  We will ensure that our information leaflets and application forms are clear and well presented.  You can obtain information on our services from Head Office or from our website .

Timeliness and Courtesy

Donegal ETB will deliver a quality service with courtesy, sensitivity and the minimum delay, fostering a climate of mutual respect between provider and customer.  We will provide contact names in all communications to ensure ease of ongoing transactions.  We will make every effort to provide you will the information you require as quickly as possible.  If we are unable to deal with your query we will try to put you in contact with someone who can assist you.


Donegal ETB welcomes your comments on the service provided  to you in Head Office.  Customer Comment Cards are available at our office and on our web site.  If you wish to express your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with our service you may do so using the Customer Feedback Card.  All comments will be looked at in a fair and impartial manner.  If required we will respond to your comment promptly and we will issue a definitive reply within 15 working days.

Consultation and Evaluation

Donegal ETB will provide a structured approach  to meaningful consultation with, and participation by, the customer in relation to the development, delivery and review of services.  In all correspondence, please quote your reference number and use the contact details you were given.  Please complete all forms carefully and provide supporting documentation as requested.  Please ensure that all forms are signed and lodged in good time and advise Donegal ETB of change of circumstances.  If you have Internet access, check our web site . We recommend that you make an appointment, if you wish to meet a particular member of staff, to ensure that they are available to meet you.


Donegal ETB will provide choice, where feasible, in service delivery (including opening hours) and will use available and emerging technologies to ensure maximum access and choice, and quality of delivery.

Official Languages Equality

Donegal ETB will comply with the requirements of the Official Languages Act 2004.  We are examining options to support sections in providing services through Irish.  We aim to reply in Irish to correspondence received in Irish.  We aim to respond in Irish to callers who wish to speak in Irish where possible, or offer to have you call returned as soon as possible by a member of staff who can deal with your queries in Irish.  Corporate publications will be published in Irish and English.

Better Co-Ordination

Donegal ETB will foster a more coordinated and integrated approach to delivery of public service.

Internal Customer

Donegal ETB is committed to ensuring that staff are recognised as internal customers and that delivering a quality service to the public is only possible if we meet the needs of our own internal customers with similar standards of timeliness, courtesy, consultation and information.