Learning For Living (Literacy)

The Learning for Living programme offers tuition to adults who are unsure of their skills and knowledge in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, numbers and computers. The programme offers learning that is tailored to the needs of each student in a supportive and friendly environment.

Time is given to acquire skills and tutors are aware that progress is often made in small stages.  The programme also offers a range of family learning options in partnership with schools and provides English language training for speakers of other languages. Students can choose to accredit their study with QQI Major and Minor Awards offered from Level 1 to Level 4 and State Examination Commission (SEC) examinations. Courses are free to all adults.

Course Level Scope and Content
Core Skills 1 1. Start at the beginning with reading, writing, listening &speaking and maths
Essential Skills 2 1. Essential English – reading, writing and non-verbal Communications
2. Essential IT -,computer skills
3. Essential Maths – Quantity & Number
Communication for the Workplace 2 Language, Literacy, Decision-Making and Safety & Care Skills to support engagement in the workplace
Spelling and Grammar 2 Gain confidence and skills in spelling and writing.
Exploring Options(Activation) 2 1. Getting started
2. Learning styles
3. Personal Learning Plan
4. Mind-mapping
5. Effective communication skills
6. What is personal effectiveness?
7. Developing and reviewing learning goals
8. Guidance
9. Portfolio presentation
10. Next steps
General Learning 3 1. English and Communications
2. Maths
3. Computer Skills (Internet, Word Processing)
4. Personal Effectiveness
5. Career Preparation
6. Intercultural Awareness
7. Tourism Awareness
8. English Language (ESOL)
Cultural Heritage and
Tourism Awareness (CHAT)
3 Learn maths, English, computers and gain confidencethrough the following subjects include:
1. Tourism
2. Tourists
3. Local National and International Culture
4. Knowing my Community
5. Engaging as a Tourist,
6. Exploring Work in the Tourism Industry.
Employability Skills 3 Content:
1. English
2. Maths
3. Retail Sales Transactions
4. Retail Industry Knowledge
5. Personal Effectiveness
6. Career Preparation
7. Word Processing
8. Internet Skills
Basic Computers 3 Keyboarding Skills, Internet and Email, On-line form filling
Junior Certificate 3 1. English
2. Maths
3. CSPE (Citizenship)
Leaving Certificate 4/5 English and Maths (for students who progress within the programme)