Press Release on Covid-19 from second-level school management bodies ACCS, ETBI & JMB

The management bodies representing all of the second-level schools in the State have communicated with their schools asking them to forward the message delivered by President Higgins on the importance of social distancing to the parents of students in their schools. President Higgins is urging young people to respond in a generous way to the Health Service Executive’s advice on measures to alleviate the spread of Covid19. The Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS), the Education and Training Boards of Ireland (ETBI) and the Joint Managerial Body (JMB) are working together to ensure that appropriate messaging is delivered to all second-level students. This further reinforces the pronouncements of An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, other government ministers and health officials on the responsibility of all to adhere to social distance guidelines and to respond to HSE advice at this time of national emergency.

Students are reminded that they can play their part in the national effort to curb the spread and the worse effects of the Covid-19 virus. Schools are closed to students at present to prevent the spread of this highly contagious and potentially lethal virus. By avoiding assembling and socialising in groups, students will be playing their part in supporting the national health campaign.

The management bodies have also acknowledged the work and innovative methodologies that have been undertaken in schools by management and teachers promoting continuity of contact with their students through distance learning and other means. They have thanked students and parents for their engagement with this process in the face of the challenges that it can entail, and have encouraged all in their school communities to do everything they can to maintain the learning and social and pastoral connection between the student and the school.