Procurement throughout ETBs is carried out in accordance with National and European Union Public Procurement Regulations & Directives, Legislation, Policy and Guidelines. There is an onus on public bodies to ensure that the public procurement function is discharged ethically, honestly and fairly in a manner that secures best value for money.

Procurement Principles

The public sector must comply with the four fundamental Procurement Principles when procuring  goods, supplies, services and works regardless of value.

Transparency – all procurement activities are open and transparent with necessary information provided to all.  Procurement intentions and decisions should be advertised publicly.

Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination – the same rules apply to all with equal rights to access.  Decisions are to be based on objectivity and fairness.

Proportionality – all measures used must be both necessary and appropriate in relation to the objective i.e. the award of contract.  No excessive or disproportionate conditions, criteria or rules are to be applied.

Mutual Recognition – equal validity is to be given to qualification / standards applicable in other member states.


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