Data Protection

Donegal ETB Data Protection Policy 

Donegal ETB is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and, accordingly, is registered with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.


The Data Protection Acts grant privacy rights to individuals whose personal information is in the possession or control of Donegal ETB. These Acts also impose obligations on Donegal ETB regarding how this data is processed and stored. In the course of its business, Donegal ETB processes personal information relating to individuals such as staff, students, parents, etc. As a result, Donegal ETB has extensive responsibilities regarding the safeguarding of this information and providing access to it, on request, by the persons to whom it relates.

To ensure compliance with these obligations, the policies, as listed below, have been developed and implemented throughout the organisation. Should you require further information on how to exercise your Privacy rights, please contact the Data Protection Officer for Donegal ETB or email


The Data Protection Officer

Sandra Doherty

Data Protection Officer
Donegal ETB Administrative Offices
Ard O’Donnell
Co. Donegal
F92 DP98

Tel: 0749161600