Instructional Leadership

The management of curriculum and instruction

As a Model of Professional Development, Instructional Leadership provides for engagement & submersion, modelling & practice and the development of collegial networks as a means of support and encouragement.

An Introduction

The programme endeavours to initiate and facilitate systemic change, across all levels of education, by specifically aiming to:

  • Encourage teachers to consciously modify their instructional actions so as to maximise student learning
  • Facilitate the conscious and deliberate utilisation of teacher actions – skills, tactics & strategies
  • Foster an awareness of how a teacher’s actions can impact on student learning – motivation, novelty, authenticity, accountability safety
  • Re/Acquaint teachers with the extent to which learning is affected by; diverse learning styles, multiple intelligences, ‘at risk environment’ etc
  • Enhance classroom management Encourage / support review –individual / subject department / school


Facilitation of In service and training with teaching staff of Donegal ETB.

Current and future developments

Facilitation of In service and training with teaching staff of Donegal ETB.

Leadership and Promotion

Instructional Leadership is promoted and encouraged in Donegal ETB schools in a variety of ways:

  • Cluster Days have been held where staffs from a group of neighbouring schools have attended in service training on aspects of Instructional Leadership.
  • Sharing and collaborating on practices is facilitated.
  • A Steering Committee meets regularly to work on strategic planning and the embedding of IL into the culture of teaching and learning at Donegal ETB.
  • Instructional Leadership forms part of the discussion at meetings of The Teaching & Learning Council.


The programme is a national one and supported by ETBI. There is a National Steering Committee for Instructional Practices with ETBI. A National Conference is held each year in September and an International Conference is planned for 2016. Please visit

Locally Donegal ETB supports In-Service in this area. Schools wishing to attend the course in Carlow must fund participation from their school budgets.


For further information on IL in Donegal ETB please contact the ETB on 074 9161600 or