What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships are a full-time occupational skills development training model, designed to provide flexible training solutions to the identified needs of Irish industry and local businesses. A Traineeship is sufficiently flexible to not only provide training benefits within a broad range of industry sectors, but equally to assist companies of varying size, from small local businesses to multi-national companies, to address their respective skill requirements.

Traineeships are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

Traineeships aims to meet the training and development needs of Irish industry, enterprises and businesses by developing a culture in the workplace that encourages employee learning and development and by promoting best practice in the acquisition of new skills through training. It offers the learner recognised qualifications and identified career paths and progression opportunities, using the best mix of industry and Education and Training Board (ETB) knowledge and expertise. Learners develop new skills through a combination of certified training modules delivered through classroom-based learning in an ETB and structured work-based learning in participating host companies.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Have direct involvement in shaping the traineeship.
  • Give a learner the opportunity to gain relevant workplace learning for their career.
  • Enhance the performance of your organisation by offering a traineeship to motivated individuals with a commitment to pursuing a career in the industry.

What do we need from you?

We want you to provide:

  • Examples of career pathways in your industry.
  • Feedback during the development of the training programme.
  • Managed and structured work based learning opportunities for learners.

Who will be involved?

Employers, Education and Training Board, Partners, Industry Experts, SOLAS.

Current  Traineeships in Donegal ETB:

We deliver a range of Traineeships including;

  • Beauty Specialist
  • Business and Professional Administration
  • Communication Systems Installation
  • Donegal Weaving
  • Engineering – Welding and Fabrication
  • Hairdressing
  • Healthcare Support
  • Horticulture
  • Intellectual Disability Practice
  • Marine Engineering
  • Medical/Legal Administration
  • Outdoor Activity Instructor
  • Public Works Operations and Maintenance

For more information:

Tel: 074 91 20500

For information on Traineeships nationwide, see