Skills for Work Programme

The Government’s National Skills strategy

Skills for Work is a national programme to deliver training courses for full-time or part time employees.The programme is particularly targeted at low skilled workers who, without the opportunity to participate in this training, may not have the confidence to embrace change in the workplace.This initiative is funded by the Government of Ireland under the Department of Education and Skills, and delivered by the Education and Training Boards.


What is the Skills for Work Programme

Skills for Work is part of the Government’s National Skills strategy. This strategy recognises that the nature of the workplace is constantly changing; work is becoming less routine with a requirement for a workforce that is flexible, continuously learning and capable of personal growth.

How does a company avail of this opportunity?

Contact the Skills for Work Coordinator on 086 – 6069381 or email

Who are the typical participants in Skills for Work programmes?
  • In full or part-time paid employment
  • Have few, out-dated or no educational qualifications
  • Over 18 years of age
What is the standard of the programme delivery?

Programmes are delivered to a high standard, by ETB tutors. The courses may be accredited at QQI levels 3 or 4. Non- accredited programmes are also offered. Every Skills for Work course is tailored to the specific requirements of each individual company, and can include workplace documents and materials.  

How would Skills for Work benefit your business?
  • Ensure a skilled and qualified workforce
  • Increase quality and output
  • Better team performance
  • Improve labour –management relations
  • Better health and safety record
  • Increase in retention of employees
  • Increase in staff promotion opportunities
  • Higher productivity results in bigger profits
  • Improved core skills can mean a reduction in wastage and saves money
  • Building your company’s reputation as a quality learning organisation
  • There are no tuition fees for the employee or the employer
Some benefits for employees include:
  • Increased confidence, motivation and knowledge
  • Increased competency and skill levels
  • Enhanced promotional prospects
  • Higher performance outcomes and job satisfaction
  • Flexibility and competitiveness
  • New skills and knowledge can be applied in practical situations
  • Can better manage changes in work practices
  • Opens the door to additional educational opportunities
Sample of some of the courses available:
  • Basic and Intermediate Computers
  • Spreadsheets/ Powerpoint and presentations/Internet and Email
  • IT for Farmers
  • Personal & Interpersonal Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Workplace Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Introduction to Health & Safety
  • Workplace Maths

For more information

Donna McDade, Skills for Work Co-Ordinator

T: 086-6069381

What participating employers and employees say about Skills for Work?

“The Skills for Work programme has proved to be a totally positive experience for all of the employees who have engaged in the programme.  What initially started as a pilot has now become an ongoing opportunity available to our employees.” 
Arnotts Department Store, Dublin.

I’ve the confidence to take on additional work duties and have put my name forward to do a supervisors course.” 
Employee, Pharmaceutical Industry.

‘…It helped me with all the basic IT skills.  I was able to set up online banking which was essential for the business.  Staff also participated on the course and they were able to advertise the restaurant through social media, Facebook.  The staff were able to do daily menus and posters for the restaurant.  I found the course was of great benefit and I would recommend it to anyone.’ 
Mary Matthews, Shannon’s Corner Restaurant, Bishop Street, Ballyshannon.

“It’s great.. the small groups and a great tutor makes learning so easy.  I can now do banking online, email for my business, receive invoices online.  These are all things that help me in my business.”  
P.J O’Reilly, O’Reilly’s Fish Shop, Ballyshannon.