Chromebooks for Mulroy College, Milford

Mulroy College was the successful school following an application process carried out by Donegal ETB for a pilot programme to implement state-of-the-art mobile devices into their Transition Year students’ curriculum.

Following the implementation of enterprise Wi-Fi a number of mobile device solutions to best complement the newly installed Wi-Fi infrastructure was investigated.  This project spearheaded by Ciaran Cunnuingham, Head of IT based its choice for Chromebooks following an evaluation process that resulted in Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 chosen as the best solution for the Transition Year students.  Ciaran has described this option as the perfect choice insofaras the Chrome Management console will enable remote management and configuration of all devices as well as allowing the easy management and integration of Google Apps which is used by both staff and students throughout the organisation.

The new Chromebooks will be introduced to Transition Year students in September 2015 and their integration will be overseen by a small number of teachers as part of the project and is fully supported by Fiona Temple, Principal who is keen to fully integrate IT into Transition Year curriculum, as opposed to teaching IT as a subject.

Mulroy College - Chromebook Pilot Scheme Sept 2015
Mulroy College – Chromebook Pilot Scheme Sept 2015