‘Rocks to Ridges: Workshop on the Formation of the Mountains of the North of Ireland’ at Gartan OETC

On Friday 9th October, Gartan Outdoor Education and Training Centre will hold an environmental workshop, which aims to bring geomorphology to life by giving participants basic skills in understanding the physical landscape which surrounds us in the mountains, is being provided by Mountaineering Ireland in partnership with Gartan OETC.

The programme will be led by Dr Paul Dunlop (former staff member at Gartan) and Dr Peter Wilson, both of the University of Ulster.  While the Saturday field trip, for Mountaineering Ireland environmental officers, is now full, all are welcome to presentations on Friday evening 9th October 2015.

These presentations commence at 8pm in the Boathouse at Gartan.

20.00               Glaciation             Dr Paul Dunlop

21.45               After the Ice          Dr Peter Wilson

About the Presentersclimbing-850471_1280


Dr. Peter Wilson has been teaching aspects of physical geography and environmental science at the Ulster University, Coleraine, for over 30 years.  He is an individual member of Mountaineering Ireland and has combined his academic and hillwalking interests to focus on understanding how mountain regions have been shaped by glaciers, rivers, frost and gravity. In addition to his series of articles on mountain landforms for the Irish Mountain Log, Peter is author of the highly-acclaimed book Lake District Mountain Landforms (Scotforth Books, 2010).


Dr. Paul Dunlop is a Quaternary scientist who uses remote sensing and GIS to understand ice sheet processes and palaeo ice sheet extent and behaviour. He conducts research on the characteristics of sub-glacial bedforms (e.g. ribbed moraines, drumlins) with the aim of understanding the formative processes of generation and how these in turn influence ice dynamics and ice sheet stability. Paul also has an impressive CV as a rockclimber.

Rocks to Ridges October 2015