Crana – high tech – College

Through a pilot initiative, over 50 students at Crana College, TY and LCA students, have recently received either an IPad or Chrome Book to facilitate learning in the class room. This is the third year that the school and Donegal ETB have invested heavily in technology and ICT in Crana College as a tool to enhance and enrich teaching and learning in the classroom.  In recent years the school has installed enterprise wifi which facilitates at high speed the use of a large number of devices at the same time throughout the school.  The teachers in Crana College have been provided with IPads or Chrome books and have also received training in the use of Google Drive and Google Classroom.  As a result students can use ICT for learning in and outside the classroom, develop their personal portfolios, engage in ongoing research and even email their work to teachers for correction or for suggested changes.Crana High Tech College

The school continues to grow and develop in this area and looks forward to introducing more opportunities to students in the use of ICT as a learning tool. Recent research by ESRI is clear that without proper supervision and guidance computers on their own are of little value in education.  In Crana College the ICT strategy ensures that planning and preparation is ongoing so that technology is aimed at improving the student experience at school and at home. The use of ICT is very much used to complement the classroom experience.