Shared QQI Learning and Teaching Resources for Teachers and Trainers Levels 1-6

FESS recently set up a new section on to provide an extensive library of resource lists for FET teachers to support them in the delivery of their programme modules leading to a range of QQI components.

The resource lists have been written by FET teachers for FET teachers.  They will be of particular benefit to those teaching programme modules for the first time or for those looking for new ideas. The resource lists across Levels 2 / 3 and 5/ 6 identify themes and topics from QQI components and suggest relevant websites, books, leaflets, organisations etc.

This is the first phase of development and it is hoped to continue to meet FET teacher’s needs by adding further resource lists during 2016 across all levels including Level 4.

Each resource list is organised under the following headings: Theme/Topic; Type; Relevance; Author/Source; and Web Link.

Reference in the resource lists is made to themes/topics only rather than learning outcomes.  This is to avoid resource lists going out of date when changes are made following any review of programmes.