Teaching Council Registration Conditions – Deadline Extended

Registration Conditions – Deadline extended to 31 January 2016

There are a number of teachers registered with the Teaching Council with conditions that are due to expire on 31 December 2015. This expiry date has been extended to the 31 January 2016.


Teachers are required to notify the Council in writing if they have addressed their conditions of registration. If a teacher has encountered extenuating circumstances that have prevented the completion of a condition, they may be eligible for an extension. Further information in relation to extensions can be found on teachingcouncil.ie. If in doubt, please make contact with the Council to discuss your situation.

Many teachers employed by the ETB are in state-funded positions where registration with the Teaching Council is a requirement. If these teachers employed in state funded positions do not fulfil their conditions by 31 January 2016, and if they have not engaged with the Council in the interim, their registrations will lapse. This means that the payment of their salaries will be stopped by the relevant paymaster (DES or ETB).

It is of vital importance that any teacher with an outstanding condition makes contact with the Council immediately. Teachers who wish to submit documentation including evidence that the condition has been met or extension requests with relevant evidence without delay. The lapsing of the registration of a teacher has serious implications for all involved and is not something that the Council wishes to see happening.

The Teaching Council can be contacted by emailing conditions@teachingcouncil.ie or calling 01 651 7900.