Tuesday March 15th, 2016 is Proclamation Day

This is the day when every school in the country is invited to share the results of their Proclamation for a New Generation, and all other creative projects relating to 1916 that the student body have developed.

Is Lá an Fhorógra é Dé Máirt, an 15 Márta 2016. Seo an lá nuair a roinnfidh gach scoil sa tír a Forógra do Ghlúin Nua, chomh maith le gach tionscadal cruthaitheach eile bainteach le 1916 atá forbartha ag na mic léinn.

All education institutions are encouraged to put significant time aside on Proclamation Day, for activities to commemorate 1916, celebrate the present and imagine the future.

By March 15th, all primary and post-primary schools will have received National Flags and copies of the original Proclamation, either from the Defence Forces or the Thomas Francis Meagher Foundation. An ideal start to the events in a school on Proclamation Day would be a flag-raising ceremony, playing or singing the National Anthem and perhaps a reading of the Proclamation by teachers and/or students.


Some of the events on Proclamation Day could include performances of historical or contemporary music, poetry, song, art displays or short drama productions by students. Most of these cultural genres have already been highlighted through national or all-island competitions. It is likely that many schools will have a number of display and performance items which they may wish to use in this event.

As Proclamation Day falls within Seachtain na Gaeilge, schools could also consider involvement in Féile na Físe, organised by Conradh na Gaeilge. Seachtain na Gaeilge (www.snag.ie or snag@cnag.ie) will provide song lyrics, dance steps, drama, music and other resources in hard and soft copy.

A major focus on Proclamation Day should be the unveiling and reading of each school’s own Proclamation for a New Generation. Using the 1916 Proclamation as a foundation, primary and post-primary schools are invited to write a new Proclamation for 2016, to reflect the values, ideals and aspirations of the generation of 2016 and be unveiled in each school on Proclamation Day, 15th March 2016.

For full details on Proclamation Day please read here.