From School to the World: Making a Successful Transition

Are you planning to seek work, go to university, take a gap year, start a business, travel or

write a book when you leave school? Your new world of possibilities will provide both

greater challenges and more freedom, as you build this exciting but often daunting new

stage of your life.Untitled

Survive and Thrive

Gartan OETC and Consilium Education have teamed up to provide a course that will help you

to meet the challenges head on, and to maximise the potential that this new stage offers

you. This course develops motivation, commitment and resilience, key traits required when

the familiar supports of your school, family and friends are not there.

Together, we provide a high quality and life-long learning experience, designed to develop

focus and mind-set while preparing you to deal with challenges. You will develop writing

skills for academia and workplace, work independently and in a team, approach decision

making constructively and turn setbacks into positives. This course is particularly

appropriate if your vision includes continuing studies and learning in any arena. We want to

empower you not only to survive, but to thrive.

Who Should Attend?

This course is tailor-made to suit the needs of students from 15 to

20 years of age. Younger students will be able to absorb ideas and

put them to good use as they prepare and revise for their final

exams. Students leaving school in 2016 will benefit immediately as

they make their plans for 2016-2017 while students already in

higher education will gain from having their awareness heightened

as they plan for their future.

Download the brochure  Gartan Leaving School Successfully