ICT within Physical Education

Liz Gordon, a PE teacher in our Raphoe school Deele College, attended a Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) in ICT workshop in the Donegal Education Centre in December 2016. This involved representatives from a number of post-primary schools from Donegal coming together to collaborate and share all things ICT in education. Following this initial meeting, Liz then attended a follow-up workshop in January 2017 where she met with Ivan O Mahony (PDST Team).

Having a great interest in ICT and being a teacher of Physical Education, Ivan offered Deele College and Liz the opportunity to showcase how ICT can be used within the teaching of Physical Education. Over the following weeks, Liz trialed various apps, programmes, devices etc. with her classes and ended up with some beneficial ways to incorporate ICT within Physical Education to aid in teaching and learning. This video (filmed in March 2017), shows how these ICT uses and techniques can be used effectively.