Best Wishes to Leaving & Junior Cert Students and Learners from Donegal ETB Chair Cllr Harley

Donegal ETB’s Chairperson, Cllr Martin Harley has today wished all Leaving and Junior Certificate students in Donegal ETB schools and centres the very best of luck in their forthcoming exams.

Cllr Harley, who chairs the largest education and training authority in the county, acknowledged the hard work of the students over the last two years.

Speaking earlier today Cllr Harley, said, “On behalf of Donegal ETB, I would like to wish all the Junior and Leaving Certificate students across our fifteen schools and our adult learners in our Letterkenny Further Education and Training (FET) centre, the very best of luck as they prepare to sit their exams in the weeks ahead. They’ve put in a huge effort over the last two years and now is their chance to show the examiners what they are capable of.”

Echoing the Chairperson’s words, Donegal ETB Chief Executive Anne McHugh said, “We understand that students can be quite anxious as they sit their exams over the next few weeks but it’s important they stay calm and focus on the questions the paper asks. We acknowledge that all our students and learners have put in a tremendous effort, as well as their parents, families and teachers who have supported them and helped them over the last two years. I wish them all the best of luck.”

Donegal ETB Chairperson Cllr Martin Harley.
Donegal ETB Chief Executive Anne McHugh.