New Leadership and Management Training Course Developed to Upskill Supervisory Staff

A new leadership and management training initiative has been developed that aims to upskill supervisory staff across the North West and North East regions during the COVID-19 pandemic which is being delivered locally by Donegal ETB’s Further Education and Training (FET) Service.

Providing highly subsidised training to upskill supervisory staff through the Skills to Advance initiative, this programme will maximise a company’s ability to deal with the business environment, its challenges and opportunities.

Now, more than ever, companies need to ensure that they have strong people management skills.

The Leadership and Management programme aims to upskill supervisory staff in areas including motivating workers, managing change, effective decision making, problem solving, managing remote working and digital skills.

Based on the key business needs of companies in the region, it was developed by the Education and Training Boards and SOLAS working in collaboration with employers, IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the Regional Skills Fora.

Donegal ETB would like to encourage employers across all industry sectors to avail of this opportunity to upskill key managers at this critical time for business recovery. They will benefit by having access to local high-quality training to deal with the new business environment, its challenges and opportunities.

Donegal ETB’s Enterprise Engagement Officer Dearbhla Kelly acknowledged that the world of work has been turned upside down for many employers due to COVID-19; “Donegal ETB believes this qualification will offer the tools that are needed for supervisors, team leaders and front line managers to effectively navigate their teams through change.”

“The key selling point of this supervisory management course for companies is that it is highly subsidised under the Skills to Advance initiative and it offers remarkable flexibility in delivery online. In addition, it will offer employees a qualification that may help their progression in the workplace.”

Welcoming the new programme, Donegal ETB Chief Executive Anne McHugh, said, “Donegal ETB is delighted to be rolling out the ILM Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management across the county. It is timely to have a certified training programme which assists individuals to acquire strong people management skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Speaking about the benefits this training will bring to her staff, Evelyn Kierans, MD, Swan Net Gundry Ltd said: “I cannot overemphasise the value the programme will bring to our team –taking time out to evaluate and learn from the experience of others in this ever changing business environment.”

Donegal ETB’s Area Training Manager Vinny McGroary said, “We look forward to collaborating with companies in Donegal as well as with the IDA and Enterprise Ireland to encourage participation in this training which will further enhance the robustness of the workforce in 2020 and beyond.”

Employers who would like further information on the Level 6 Leadership and Management course should contact Donegal ETB’s Enterprise Engagement Officer Dearbhla Kelly by emailing Further details can also be found in this information brochure.

Donegal ETB’s Enterprise Engagement Officer Dearbhla Kelly.