Donegal ETB’s Quality Assurance Procedures Approved for FET Service

On the 20 June the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Programme and Awards Executive Committee met and approved Donegal ETB’s Quality Assurance (QA) procedures for its Further Education and Training (FET) provision.

In a letter addressed to the ETB’s Chief Executive Anne McHugh, QQI made reference to the published QA procedures on Donegal ETB’s website while also referencing the Executive Self Evaluation Report, Quality Improvement Plan and dialogue meetings which had taken place throughout the year between both organisations prior to the approval.

The approval marks a significant milestone in the Donegal ETB’s further engagement with QQI and its continued progress in meeting the timelines for QQI’s statutory review of all ETBs and allowing for Self Evaluation of QA procedures in all ETBs in 2019.

Donegal ETB’s Further Education and Training Service staff and centres, along with its Quality Assurance Support service, look forward to the re-engagement process and the further development of QA policies and procedures in line with the QQI Core Quality Assurance guidelines which will all bring added benefit to the learner experience within Donegal ETB’s FET provision.

Pictured are some of Donegal ETB’s staff who oversee Donegal ETB’s QA system for its FET Service (l-r): Elaine Russell, FET QA Coordinator; Cróna Gallagher, Director of FET; Neil Farren, Development Officer and Charles Gorney, Adult Education Officer.